My Bio

Tammy, The Real Estate Professional

My business philosophy is simple, DEDICATION!! I apply the same work ethics that I would expect from others if I were on the receiving end of a transaction. I work on each transaction as if it was my own listing/purchasing. I believe that real estate transaction is probably one of the most important decision a person makes. After all, it is where most of our income goes to monthly. Therefore, the decision to buy or sell should not be taken lightly. The bottom line is NOT what the agency will get from the transaction, BUT customer satisfaction. I strive to make sure that the customer is happy with both the process of selling/buying and the price they paid/received on their home. Giving my client 100% of myself when I am working on their real estate transaction is a top priority.

Tammy’s Work Ethics

HONESTY AND RELIABILITY! Two very important character traits that I believe is very important in any profession. Honesty is so very important especially in this business because we are dealing with people’s lives and their life savings. It is one of the most important decision you make. The decision and process is very involved, critical and complex. Regardless of whether it is an investment property, second home or first time buyer! You are relying on the honesty and integrity of your agent to have your best interest first and foremost. It is not a transaction to be taken lightly. My clients can expect that of me. When I am involve in a transaction, I tract the process from beginning to end. My client can be assured that they will be aware of all the proceeding and steps involved in their real estate transaction. Working together, my clients can be assured that they will be treated professionally and with respect. We will achieve success and reach our goals. All of which you should expect and deserve.

Tammy’s Services

LISTENING!! When I am working for a client, they always have my full attention. My cell phones and pagers are OFF when I am with a client whether it is a first meeting or I am out showing them property. I believe it is their time and only courteous to give them my undivided attention. My clients are also given all the information necessary on how to reach me. Phone calls and e-mails are returned on a daily basis or as soon as possible. I know and appreciate the urgency and needs of my clients. My clients become my friends because I believe it is important to taking the time to understand and know them personally. It is an essential element in reaching their goals and expections they have about their transaction. This has always been my philosophy. When I used to work in our family business, The Thai Kitchen Restaurant, I took pride in knowing my customers personally. Many of whom have become life long friends. It is my duty to make your purchasing and buying experience memorable and pleasant.

Tammy’s Personal Info

FAMILY is number one. I was born in Bangkok, Thailand. Moved to the United States in 1978. We lived in Southern California for a short while before moving to Seattle in 1981. I couldn’t resist the California sun and beaches so I went back down to get my degree in Real Estate and Finance at University of Southern California. Attending school out of state is an experience I recommend to everyone. If not for the full four years, even one or two would enhance and benefit the life experience one gets from being so far from home. Independence and responsibility, two very important traits, can not be taught, but learned! Nonetheless, I still missed my family very much. We are very close and being so far it was very hard. My phone bill was getting quite ridiculous. So after graduation, I moved back to Seattle where all of my family resides. I have been married now for over ten years and have three wonderful children. Two are school age. I believe it is very important to be involved and participate in my children’s schools and their extracurricular activities. I do volunteer at their school and in their classrooms. I make a committment every school year to make time one day a week to spend time in each of their classroom helping out. My kids love having me there and I enjoy being part of their school lives. In my spare time, which there isn’t very much of, I love to garden, play tennis and do volunteer work for the Bellevue’s Overlake League. My work there has been mostly with helping less fortunate families. We provide food and necessities throughout the year for needy families. My children and I also do can food drives and fund raising in our neighborhood throughout the year. (i.e. raising funds for the kids in Afghanistan, the 9/11 fund for the victims families, Seattle’s Union Gosspel Mission and walkathons to support the schools education….)